Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too Funny

I am telling you, once again, I LOVE The Onion. The satirical news is one of my favorite things about being alive. Lol.

Check out this video from their site:

DNA Evidence Frees Black Man Convicted Of Bear Attack

Monday, March 30, 2009


I am currently extremely happy because I won a 2011 Ford Fiesta for 6 months!

#1-- I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and (most likely) watching my video!
"Grazie tante!" ("thank you very much" in Italian)
#2-- I now want to tell you what the next steps are so you can continue to be a part of this!

I received a call today from Andrew Rinke, a representative from a promotional group that Ford has hired for the "Fiesta Movement," and he told me that I won!
I said, "Yey! That's great! Thanks. I've been biting my nails for a week now, waiting."
He said, "Well, you can stop biting them and maybe you could try cutting them instead."
I said, "I meant metaphorically."
He said, "Yeah, sorry. That was an attempt at a lame joke."
Though the joke wasn't, the conversation was; funny.

He asked me my preference in color. My choices were black, silver, blue, magenta and lime. I'm not guaranteed to get the color I want, but hopefully I'll get black or silver... I don't like the other colors for a car. He also asked me for my shirt and shoe size. I'm not sure what the shoe size is for... I'm guessing for a clutch? I don't know, but if it's for shoes, I'm going to laugh REALLY hard.

I will be taking a train to NYC for a training weekend in April. I think, after that, I will receive the car and begin my missions and driving a sweet, international version of the car that will be available in the U.S. in 2011.

I have to fill out some paper work tomorrow and do some updates of my profile for Ford, then I'll be all set!
In the meantime, here is the Fiesta Movement Page and a video to watch about the Fiesta.


Thanks again and stay tuned for details.

My Uncle John sent me a hilarious email in response to my win... I'd like to share it here:


Glad it wasn’t a GM contest (or Chrysler) !!

Look forward to hearing the results


That's funny stuff.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elizabeth Montgomery: My First Hero in Film/Television

When I was very young, probably 2 or 3, there was a cartoon that caught my eye. It was the opening credits of the 1960s show, Bewitched.

As I grew, so did my attention span and my love for this show. When I was 7-8, we lived at my Grandma and Pa's house for a while. We had just left the Air Force and the transition was, once again, a bit tough. I found that with cable, there came "Nick-at-Nite." This was a completely welcomed gift because as long as my homework was done, I had practiced whatever instrument I was playing at the time, time had been spent outside and I wasn't in trouble for something, I was allowed to watch T.V. I bargained with my parents to push back my bedtime to 9 o'clock because this was when Bewitched ended.
Let let me watch. Pandora's box was opened.
I watched the show and dreamed of someday making magic too. I wanted to be like Samantha, Elizabeth Montgomery's character. Though I didn't have any desire to be stuck inside all day with a dude who comes home to yell at me, I did want to cause/have shenanigans...especially if I could have powers as well. That gave her freedom.
The best time of year to watch Bewitched, summer time. "Nick-at-nite" had this special thing during the summer called "Block Party Summer" and they would play 4 episodes in a row and it was amazing. My Pa hated this. He use to tell me that I could watch it upstairs because he'd already seen this period of time. It makes me laugh now, after he's gone, because I only had to do that one time. He watched it with me all the other times, he just wanted to make an initial point; so him. I watched 60 Minutes with him, he watched Bewitched with me...empathetic.

Elizabeth Montgomery was my hero. I wanted to know everything about the show, her life, how they made the show, what you had to do to be a witch.

As I grew older, around 9 or 10, I knew every trick they used. I learned how the characters changes, who was who, how to "pop" from scene to scene...stop/start camera action!
Summer time became even better, in the morning, Bewitched was on TBS and was in color!! I had only seen the black and white shows and on a rare occasion seen it in color.
My sister and I would watch every weekday morning, loving every moment.
I think my favorite moment in this time, was when I discovered Serina, Samantha's cousin (also played by Elizabeth Montgomery). She was a crazy lady, and that was cool. She was the hipster and the rebel who liked to mess with people. Here's a taste.

On May 18th 1995 I was in the car with my Mom and my sister, Erin, and on the radio they announced that Elizabeth Montgomery had died. I was struck with instantaneous grief. I remember turning to the window and crying. She was the first person in my life to die and bring me to tears. There had been deaths, but I guess I was too young or unaffected, anyway, I was very sad. I wrote it in my little diary that night. I drew a picture and everything. I bought the people magazine with her on the cover and I just remember all of it vividly.

Elizabeth Montgomery, Bewitched, and my family all made me love television and film. I still wish I could have met Ms. Montgomery or been born a person with magical powers (not magic like in Vegas, that's weird, lol). Now I know how to make movie magic and I am living my dreams. Thanks Elizabeth Montgomery, wherever you are.

Women/Men in Film Videos

These videos are KICK ASS!
The morphing is incredibly well done.

"Women in Film"
Women In Film

"Men in Film"

Men In Film

Isabella Talks about New Media in Mobile Phone

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To Play

If an American were talking about this, I probably wouldn't give two heaps.

Too Shy To Stop

Through an old comment about an entry I posted I came upon Peter Ricci. He is a writer for an online magazine called Too Shy To Stop.
The blog entry he was commenting on was about It's A Wonderful Life... It was called "Now You Notice That It's a Wonderful Life" and how I felt that people were just cluing into the idea that it was close to the recession of now.

Anyhow, I'd like for everyone to go read his entry and comment!

The Wonderfully Misinterpreted It's A Wonderful Life

DO IT. :)

My Grocery List is Recession Proof Son!

1000 words.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Franz Ferdinand Video

I LOVE THIS NEW SONG (new to me at least)


My Travels this Week

Today is the first day I've been back at my computer working on stuff for a while. I have been once again traveling the East Coast with family.
On Tuesday night, my Mom, Grandma, Aunt Ame and I all went to the second round of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. The game was University of Maryland vs. Utah. Maryland won! WOOT!

The game was really fun. A different crowd to watch college athletics with, that's for sure, but fun non-the-less. Mom and I talked shop the whole time and MAN DO I LOVE BASKETBALL!!! It never dies.

I feel like my love of basketball is this daffodil, it hides for a lot of the year. It is suppressed by the layers of "life snow" that lay themselves on top of my things-to-do-list and I forget that it's there. Then, just at the right time, the little bit of yellow and green shine through and burst through the barrier without hesitation and my basketball daffodil is alive and well again.
So analogies aside--I had a great time. Memories made once again.

Yesterday, Mom and I spent the whole day on the road to go get my plane tickets and see Erin play against York (@Frostburg).
The plane tickets are for my trip to USC the first weekend in April! I'm going to the Admitted Graduate Stuents Weekend, and I am MAJORLY excited! On April 3rd I will be attending a screening of Forest Gump followed by a Q&A with Director Robert Zemekis and actors Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise... "Lt. Dan's got magic legs." That's right.
The other two days I'm there I'll be attending screenings of shorts...a film nerd's dream!
I can't wait to see the school!!! The plane tickets are purchased and the cop at the airport's got my Mom's van on his list of things to look out for...lol.
Erin's game was fun. I love getting to see her play. She is the skinniest goalie in history, I swear.
I enjoyed seeing her but you know what I don't enjoy? Frostburg.
I have visited her many times over the past four years and NOT ONCE HAS IT BEEN SUNNY. Every time it rains or is cloudy and cold.
She goes to school where the sun don't shine. A butt.
Yesterday proved it further. Also--I wore my Dad's rain pants that dwarfed me to looking like I'm 3ft tall. LOL.

Today, I am recovering and working on Financial Aid stuff. Scholarship searches and such. If you have any suggestions of where to find money to pay for school...please let me know :)
More traveling to come in the near future and hopefully I'll find out about Ford Fiesta soon too!!

Jay and Sarah sent me pics of Julia "J-Dawg" in Pheonix...she's already so different! She's a goofball and a 1/2!

Katharine too! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check out the Ford Fiesta-- The Car I Am Trying to Win to Blog About!

If I am picked, I drive this around and do missions, then, write about it! :)

More blogging to come tomorrow! :)

Ford Fiesta Movement--One last WAVE DUDES!

Hey everyone--
I'd really appreciate it if everyone could take the time to watch this video! I would really like to get one more giant wave of viewership . I have no idea how these other people are getting such high numbers, maybe they paid for advertising? Idk. But whatever... if you could just click a couple more times, when you're bored or whatever...it would surely help!
I'll let everyone know how it turns out after the 27th when it's announced! The applications have all been turned in and now it's just decision time! WOOT!

Thanks again! <3 Alexis :)

My Latest Addiction

I am addicted to ABBA. I admit it. I don't plan on curing it.
They are so happy and my life is now "as good as an ABBA song." to quote Muriel's Wedding.
I started with gateway ABBA... you know Dancing Queen, Take a Chance On Me, Mamma Mia! Then I moved on harder stuff like Knowing Me, Knowing You, Voulez-vous, Chiquitita. Now things are becoming overwhelmingly happy, hippie, sparkley and Swedish. I have moved on to buying records and listening to Love Isn't Easy. Here are some videos to prove my point.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green Porno Returns.. This Time it's About Sea Creatures!

Isabella Rossellini is back with season 2 of the Sundance Channels shorts :Green Porno! I'm excited! MORE crazy times with Ms. Rossellini--yes please!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Saratoga Springs is Cool

This past week has been a whirl wind, just a whirl of wind. I went to North Carolina for 3 days which was fun but exhausting and the 6 1/2 hour driving expedition really kicked my butt.
Friday Morning, I was up and ready to go to the airport. My Aunt Ame generously took me to BWI where I was quite early for my flight. So I decided to keep myself occupied by hitting up some hotspot internet on my iTouch, reading my new Ingrid Bergman book (as well as finishing Spellbound By Beauty... finally!) and people watching.
People watching at the airport is the best kind there is. People are so weird, and I LOVE IT. Just give them a back story, it's so easy. Setting, plot and characters are readily available at the airport.

Let's talk kids on leashes"--a.k.a. THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. I tried to talk Sarah into getting one of these for Julia's airport adventures, though I think she may never be on a leash, I surely appreciate all parents who do this to their children. I mean, is there really anything that is even close to being this funny? The kid is obviously not tame in the first place. Then one day someone was like "Hey everyone! Let's put the really hyper ones who love running and screaming on a short rope in highly crowded areas!" -yes. I like it. Seriously, I think the new ones with the little monkey/teddy backpacks are pure GENIUS!
So thank you to this kid for making my morning venture entertaining.

This is my newest Ingrid Bergman book...it's amazing. You know what else is amazing? My new blog about the late, great, Bergman: Ingrid Bergman Life and Films.

When I arrived at the Albany Airport, my Aunt Mare was there to greet me.
My Aunt Mare is someone who I know, no matter the environment, the people, the weather, the mood, I will have a spectacular time. She is far more extroverted than I, but we sure share a lot of features. We also have tendencies to create quick inside jokes, adventures and are definitely on the same wavelength.

Aunt Mare and me at one of my lax games...she loves lax too! :)

We had to rush to Saratoga for a meet and greet with the group of high school girls that I would be coaching at the next day's clinic. Tired as hell, I walked into the school and was hit by the overwhelming end of the day smell that can only be described as "the smell of highschool."
The girls were incredibly welcoming and excited to learn some new lax stuff. I was excited because they all seemed ready to learn, and a coach cannot ask for more!

That night, I had dinner with the Pieper clan (my Aunt Mare's family) which consists of Mare, Emmy, Kristofer and Uncle Fred. My Grandma was also in NY, but she had opted to stay with The elder Piepers at their camp. The evening was mine.
I got to have a lot of one on one time with Emmy, who is 13 and really cool. She's a quiet one, but as well all know, they're the ones you have to look out for.
She's freaking hysterical! She takes monster photographs that show that someday she could definitely do something with photos, cinema, design, etc.

My cousin Kristofer wasn't in the scene so much this visit. He had track practice and then a weekend with his Quaker Teen group, so he was pretty much MIA. Cool kid though, very motivated and he gave me a bed to sleep in while he was gone. Thanks KP!

We ate homemade Mac-n-cheese, which was to die for. Talked shop with Aunt Mare before the clinic. Then into bed early. I finially have broken out of my insomnia! I'm so excited! I have been in bed before 12 the past 3 nights! Sleep before 1! Slowly I am getting there.

The next morning the sun was shining, but it was like 30 degrees, so we were inside for the clinic. I taught the JV for about an hour and a half. This group was compiled of 7th-10th graders who were all novice to the game of lax. They were a fun group and were willing to do anything to learn. I made them flop down like whales, yell silly things and really worked on their stickwork. They did very well. The next hour and a 1/2 was for the Varsity. They were a bit more advanced, so I through in some more scenarios for them. Both groups were so easy to teach because they didn't have to be "un-taught." I loved it, and I hope they keep in touch.

After the clinic, Aunt Mare took me into Saratoga Springs. The city is gorgeous! It is small and walkable, but also grand in its own way. There are parks and cool shops, as well as cafes, the tracks, and this bomb ass library. We went into some vintage shops and bought the last James Taylor album she needed to complete her collection (JT is her fave) and I bought 3 ABBA albums and one Frieda (from ABBA) solo album for Jeffrey (it's SICK).

(Frieda solo album...haha)

We went to the library and then to this cafe where one of my Aunt's friends runs a totally chill place. You're not to talk on your phone, online, or anything like that. I was being risky and taking a couple pics while we were there. The place was so chill, fun and hoppin'. I could see myself sitting there for hours with a book and an Italian soda (which is what I drank) enjoying the atmosphere and music.

That afternoon/evening my Grandma returned from her journey to the camp. She had Emmy and me in stitches telling us stories from her time there as well as random stories to make us laugh. It was definitely a time I will treasure forever and remember what a crazy lady my Grandma can be.

(Her dollar store glasses are wonked and she needs to get new ones...LOL)
I have a ton of cousins, so any one on one time with each other as well as a grandparent is always SUPER special because it doesn't happen all the time, actually, I'd say it's pretty rare. I make the time for my Grandma, because she's really smart, wise and fun to hang with. ("Never end a sentence with a preposition, at.")

We played "Taboo" and my Grandma skated around on the hardwood floor in her socks.
Good times were had. My Uncle Fred was slightly left out, but he had me laughing SO hard at dinner when we talked about whether or not food goes bad.
He had this to say about the old blueberry yogurt in the fridge:

"I never thought it was not safe. It's never not safe, unless it looks not safe.
It's always safe."- Fred Pieper

I had to leave the next morning, but we had an elaborate Sunday breakfast and good times traveling. Grandma and I flew on the same flight and spent the rest of the day, my mother's bday, together.

Now my 2 weeks ahead are sans Julia but are beginning to be action packed. I am going to the Admitted Students Weekend at USC and plan to do some trips to see games with my Mom. I am very exctied about all of it! I am officially admitted to USC and now I will begin to find money to make sure I can attend! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Entry Soon!

Tomorrow I will work on/post a new entry about my adventures touring the East Coast for a week. I haven't had computer access for daysssssss... please be patient!! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More adventures in NC

Today, since Erin didn't have any games, Dad and I just hung around the hotel and did some shopping at a mall.
For dinner we met up with one of my Dad's friends from the HOW Magazine conference he has attended foreverrrrr.
His friend, Bec, and her daughter, Chloe, joined us for dinner just outside of Winston-Salem, NC.
The dinner was really fun and they are really cool people. They told us about their haunted house, which turned shy Chloe into a friendly girl with ghosts in her closet, literally.
They were very friendly and it was nice to meet one of my Dad's creative connections/friends.

Shout out to Chloe for being so cool at dinner! Here's a link to the books I was telling you guys about!

Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

I am now going to attempt to fall asleep before 2 am.
Don't forget to visit my Ford Fiesta Movement Video! and my new Ingrid Bergman Blog!

God natt!

Did I Mention I'm Excited?!

Reason to be pumped for next spring!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

USC! and other fun things

(I took a picture of my dad taking a picture)

Recent updates in my life:

Yesterday I went to Wilmington to pick up some books I inherited through my Uncle's family and I received a phone call from one, Jeffrey Craig Lunnen (pronounced like lunch). The young man on the phone told me that there was a letter at the house in Salisbury from the University of Southern California Cinema School. He was reluctent to open the letter for me because he didn't want to deal with me if it was bad news-- BUT IT WASN'T! I was waitlisted for Fall of 2009 and have been GUARENTEED a spot for Spring of 2010!

USC is tied with NYU's art school, Tisch (which was my first letter back, a rejection. Jeff's fear was a real one) as the #1 Film school in the nation! This is a huge accomplishment and a gigantic stepping stone in my future! I am thrilled and excited beyond words.

I now have to evaluate how the financial part of this endevour will be taken care of (who cares? I'll do anything!). But I can't stop smiling and this is a great time to be me! :)

I am currently in Greensboro, NC. I am visiting my sister who is on spring break here playing lacrosse. She is the goalie for Frostburg State University, and she kicks major butt!
Check out #12...woot!

It was her birthday (check Happy Birthday Erin) and since I was unable to see her then, I have traveled these long hours to see her in this less than desireable area (only in my book, I like urban environments).

There is one thing that I noticed about this place that sets it apart from most of my other lacrosse travels: Drive thru Exotic Carwash. That's right. You read it here.
Erin: "What happens in an exotic car wash? Naked strippers wash your car?"
Me: "I don't know Erin, I don't have an answer for you."

This is what this town is built upon...not all of the schools, exotic car washes. Quality.

That's all for now... don't forget a couple things:

Visit my Ford Fiesta Film on Youtube

Also--Stop by my new Ingrid Bergman blog

And-- one last thing... I have a fan page... courtesy of Adi Price @ http://hotfuzzonmyleg.blogspot.com

Monday, March 16, 2009

Under the weather

I'm not feeling well, I need to get to sleep... I'll blog later about stuff...

One quick note... I am on the wait list at USC Cinema!! :)

Ethan is a pre-teen

(Me at home...sexy.)

Since being home, I've made two visits to Kent Island.
One to see Jodi and Ethan and the other to see Adi.

When I was visiting Jodi and Ethan, reality struck and it struck hard. The kid is almost as tall as I am, his hands are as big as mine
and he's a pre-teen. I'm not sure how I feel about this, wait, I do... I don't like it.

Ethan at age 8... adorable...fun...small.

Ethan age 12...fun (sometimes)...has a life, tall, smelly.

Ethan is going to be a big brother in September. He has always been like a little brother to Erin and me. I also think that someday he'll make a great creative person. He hates Math and doing stuff he doesn't want to do...but this kid can read like a champ and loves to make up stories and jokes. I love him and love spending time with him. I'm hoping with my time off I'll get to see him a little more than I have the past year.
Ethan and I have a long history of being buddies. I started watching him when he was 3 and I was 16, pretty crazy. He was just a little dude calling me "Awexi" and dressing up like Spiderman and I, of course, was a super-hot, high school dream girl --wait--no that wasn't me-- I was the babysitting, sport playing, classic movie watching, joking choir girl--yeah that's me.
He and I have been through some really awesome and some really tough times. He says "we're tight, Lex, like a fat guy in spandex." I love it.
Anytime I bring him to see college friends or hang out with him, someone says "Man, that kid has spent way too much time with you, Alexis."-- Yes he has, and we share in the glory of the perfect personality.
I will forever be linked to Ethan and proud of Ethan. Even when he does something stupid or mean, I still love the kid. I can't shake him!
My sister Erin loves Ethan too. They have a love/hate relationship--actually--a love to hate relationship. They fight like cats and dogs. Ethan likes to pick at Erin until she snaps (which isn't very long) and Erin likes to tease him until he starts to fight. We used to call it "the fighting of the E's." I love this dynamic. I love having lots of people to attach to, care for and eventually turn into characters to write about.

So a thanks to Jodi, Ethan, and Erin. You're my sibs, one by blood, two-ish by circumstance--I love you all!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ingrid Bergman Blog

I have finally done it, I have made an Ingrid blog.


The blog will discuss all things Ingrid Bergman. I will analyze her films, life, work and how it relates to me, society, history, film, etc.

I am very excited about it and I hope you all take a bit of time to occasionally check it out...also feel free to follow any of my blogs! Sign up for blogger...it's easy, free and you don't have to blog if you don't want to!

Tien Age Music

Let's talk about Tien-- Tien Nguyen that is.

Tien is a friend of my sister Erin and a guy who likes to give out hugs to yours truly; he is also a talented musician.
Tien grew up here in the land of pleasant living (aka the Eastern Shore) and moved on to go to college at USC. There he worked on his music and has made a name for himself. He does shows out west as well as back here in Easton. He has a show March 20th at the NightCat in Easton (tickets available here: annapolistickets.com ).
Tien has done a great job of exposing himself... wait, that sounds dirty... no I'll keep it. He's all over the internet! His music is on iTunes, he has a CD, a myspace page, a website and is on facebook and youtube.

His website is pretty cool and fancy.

It is at www.tien-music.com and includes links to his show schedule, photos, music, iTunes and various other things going on with Tien's scene.

Tien's myspace page (www.myspace.com/tienmusic) gives you the opportunity to listen to his music which I would say is along the lines of John Mayer, Stevie Wonder (light) and Paul Simon (pre-Africa visits). Very clean recordings and the lyrics are well thought out and the music well plotted.

Tien also has a fan page on Facebook. This is the most interactive of his pages and has the most information (or at least the most up-to-date info). You can find his fan page HERE.

Don't forget to also take a look at his band Dayplayer and his youtube.com pages.

I won't be able to attend his next show, but if you're in the area, you should definitely go and comment here or on any of his pages about your experience.
Break a leg Tien! You're going places man...hope this helps your journey!


PS Don't forget to follow Tien on twitter!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Can't Read

"It's in the past, I didn't look into my past until the trial."

The Reader was fantastic.
All of the films that I have seen this season have been borderline, if not completely, amazing.


Slumdog Millionaire,

Gran Torino,

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...
and now The Reader.

The only letdown for me was Changeling, it sucked. Not only was it poorly acted but the plot was incredibly predictable and though I'm sure everyone could look up the ending, I need the middle to have a bit of mystery. Though I must say, the costuming was pretty (I liked her hat).
The Reader (which I saw tonight) was complicated, much like life, and I thought that was brilliant. There was no room for pure, unadulterated, judgment. If you liked a character, the story gave you reason not to and vice versa. I was also impressed with the persistence of the story, there wasn't room for parody. I don't want to spoil the film, but I will tell you one thing... if anyone had just yelled "can't read" in the film, it would have a) ended, b) become a comedy c) had the entire production in deep doo doo because they would have made a joke of the holocaust. The film was well done and Kate Winslet proves to still get naked 12 years after the Titanic went down and still impress everyone (no matter what, it must be cold to do half of a movie naked...especially when it's always around water!).

This movie just jumped in line with a long list of other magnificent films to make me feel intimidated and inspired all at once. The cinematography was beautiful, capturing the essence of post war Germany in various stages as well at the German countryside. There were details in the characterization and movement that were terrific choices. At one point, after a fight between the young Michael Berg (David Kross) and Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet), Hanna washes Michael in the tub. The washing is not romantic or seductive, it isn't even friendly. It is the first hint to Hanna's job as a guard for the SS at Auschwitz. She washes him with precision and haste. It is a choice made by the actor, director or maybe by accident that poses the man as a victim and as less than a man (much like the Nazis considered the Jews/prisoners they kept and would sterilize). Though we as the audience aren't privy to her past ("it happened in the past" echoes loudly right now) we are granted a sneek peek into the future provided by her past.

I now want to read the book. I feel like the acting in this movie was so profound that it may hold up and not ruin the text (unlike Angels and Demons which is forever ruined in my mind, thanks Tom Hanks bad haircut...lol).

There are only two negatives I have to say about the film.
#1. The old lady makeup wasn't that great. Both the Jewish Mother in the trial and Kate Winslet were made to look older in the movie. They tried to make them old, but they really just looked like powder had dropped on them. Unimpressed.

#2 The glorification that almost happened of a Nazi. It is a very thin line and a very grey area they attempted to tackle here. Winslet becomes lovable at times when it might be considered bad taste. I thought it complicated things and humanized the other side (which doesn't happen enough... too soon or too proud... I don't know). I liked that you couldn't pass judgment on anyone, so I give it a thumbs up, though I've already talked to people who didn't like that aspect of the movie.

I recommend this film to anyone who is allowed to see a rated "R" movie. It makes you think, it makes you feel and it is well done. (Also--for all you Ralph Fiennes phans *hehe see how I did that* out there, he was outstanding!)


Don't change that channel!

Dearest Seriously? Readers,
My love, I have been on the road and doing stuff that has kept me from my computer for the past 2 days. Life is hard here, not much computer time, please be patient. I have so much planned upon my return. Hopefully it will be quality not quantity ringing true in your hearts.

Imagine this is written with a quill pen, on faded, yellowish paper, think Civil War-era.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


March 12, 1987

Alexis gets 3 things that she'll always remember:

An orange soda.
An ice cream.

Isn't she so cute?!

She's my best friend that my parents made me and March 12, 2009 marks the 22nd birthday of my best friend.

I love you Erin Elizabeth!

Whitney Houston circa 1987

I would like to talk about my first dream job... to be like Whitney Houston. I would like to note that this is before I knew about drugs, I think before she did drugs and when she was bad ass and not bat shit crazy.
My Aunt Linny used to listen to Whitney Houston's self titled album all the time, and she would drive me around Wilmington and we would ROCK OUT.
I loved riding around in her Honda Prelude listening to Whitney. I was only 2 or 3 years old, but these memories still stick in my brain.

(my love of red, two door cars was established)
One day, when we lived in a townhouse in North Wilmington with my Mom while my Dad was stationed in Sicily, my Aunt Linny brought over a present. I'm not sure what the occasion was, nor why this happened, but I distinctly remember opening a present and receiving a Barbie doll named WHITNEY!

She looked kinda like Whitney Houston (I didn't know people were different races until much later... I watched a lot of Sesame Street and thought everybody was the same), and that's all I needed.
I would dance around with this doll and rock out to some Whitney Houston on cassette and on the television.

My favorite video and song (which still remains top 5 in my book) was I Wanna Dance With Somebody. I loved her clothes and how much fun the people were having in the video. I decided that that was what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think part of me still wants to be that way.
Julia informed me today that when I grow up and get bigger that I won't be afraid of balloons (bawoombs) anymore. I am still afraid of balloons, but I know that I'm not grown up... there's still hope!

I have always held a special place in my heart for Whitney Houston. There was a time when I wanted to meet her on the Mickey Mouse Club, too bad she went nuts and married Bobby Brown. I still rock out to IWDWS all the time, it's on my running mix and any party mix I make. My Barbies are gone now, or some of them are. I'm not sure where Whitney is? She may have been packaged by my dad (who had the job of making "Barbie Kits") for a yard sale. HAHA!


My sister had the Perfume Party Barbie and I later received the Ken from the same party... They were pretty sweet.