Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This video is hilarious and everyone in the free world should view it. Michael Phelps is still a jack ass who can't read, but luckily anyone can act around a post.


Today I was listening to NPR before I made it to work. 
I was listening to a morning program that comes out of WAMU, which is the radio station a girl from TCA and I sat at this weekend to get some footage...kinda weird, but anyway...
The reports were focusing on the trials and tribulations that our congress and country in general are facing currently.

 (^-- Madame Speaker Preparing to kick more ass. Shattering the glass ceiling, which is hopefully falling into the eyes of Sarah Palin... BLURG)

Some people feel that the $700 billion check should be written, I firmly disagree.  I think it's jumping the gun. I think the retributions should be concentrated on the people who have made the mistakes, not the people whose money is going to be lost anyway... we the regular people. Someone like your grandmother, just about to retire and now can't because someone high up on Wall Street decided to gamble with her money over and over again. With money that is worth JACK SHIT at this point.
(^-- Jack shit)

I think Nancy Pelosi is right. Generally, yes, I tend to agree with her. I think that they are trying to point fingers at Madame Speaker Pelosi, but it's just because all of the mirrors in the White House have been turned around in order to avoid seeing the real problem.

Here is a link to Mrs. Pelosi's speech before the vote results were presented.

The Bill needs to be figured out soon, but I think they'd be jumping the gun to settle this with out thinking.

I don't want to live in another depression... no one does... but we're still not as bad off as we were in the late 70's. We just have an enormous, and OBVIOUS, spending issue on Wall Street. And since it is Wall Street, and we are an internationally trading country it's also effecting everyone globally. The crisis is not going to be settled by one bill nor in one day. DUH.

I feel like they should do that V8 commercial thing to anyone who thought this would work. BOP! Should have had a V8 and maybe you wouldn't have bet people's mortgages on AIR.
Sweet deal.

^-- BOP!

So I'm starting another blog soon. It will be more video oriented with less politics. It will help anyone who's looking for cool places to go on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It will help students (mostly) find cool places to eat, have fun, or ideas about what to do when you're trapped in an area that is GORGEOUS yet BORING (particularly for single people ages 16-30).

Grandma and Grandpa as well as the family can look at the videos too if they're looking for a hole in the wall joint to grab some yummy eats.

I'm incredibly motivated right now. Though I'm doing a marvelous job of avoiding my studies for the GRE (taking that ish on Friday). 
Julia just went down for a nap...SO YEY ME! haha.

She's increasingly independent, which I think only further motivates me. It's somewhat weird to get inspiration from a newly 2 year old, but hey I'll take it where I can get it.

So thanks Madame Speaker and Julia... you're making me fired up and I'll just work on kicking so much ass no one can stop me.


IF you didn't catch the latest Tina Fey imitation of SP... Here you go!!! ENJOY! I <3 class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: 'Lucida Grande'; font-size: 10px; white-space: pre; ">

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finished TCA

I made two videosfor the Travel Channel Academy intensive weekend I attended. I cannot post them due to signing a contract (I will if they aren't bought by the Travel Channel, however), they will let me know if they like my work and maybe I'll have a future with selling my work to the TC. Either way, I'm going to start filming more often. I have the world at my finger tips and at the end of my lens. 

So Tina Fey was on SNL again last night as Sarah Palin... the fun never ends. lol.
The VP debate is next week... I can't wait to watch her fryyyyyyyy.

Don't forget to vote. Just remember that someone fought long and hard for you to be there and it's our right and duty as US citizens. Women, you especially...we're at the centennial mark of our right to vote, it's important to maintain the integrity. So don't vote for Sarah Palin. PLEASE. It will ruin all feminists have worked toward.

The debates this week were like watching really old chickens peck at each other.
The economy is going down the toilet, if you doubt it, you're an idiot.

DC was so much fun. One thing I can say about the Bush administration is that Laura Bush ended up giving me a free travel journal at the Congressional Library's National Book Fair Children's tent...that's right. BOO YA.


Well I'm pretty punchy, so that's all for now. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Less Heated

"30 Rock" won 4 Emmy's total... nice.
I am now boycotting reality television. 
I am not going to talk about the Emmy's right now. I'm too excited about going to the Travel Channel Academy Thursday!
I'm also extremely busy with my internship and studying for the GREs. I'm also working on my applications for Grad School, so I'm going to go do that today.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Writer's Strike still lingers in the hearts of WRITERS

I am watching the Emmy's right now...on satan's hotline...ABC.
Reality Television has ruined the small screen. Thank God Don Rickles won an Emmy and was there to tell the producers and reality hosts to stick it. Don't play music or tell a guy who's like 80 to hurry up. He gets to talk.
This is just the beginning of a blog about the Emmy's. It's not over quite yet. Tina Fey won for writing, which made me jump up...she deserves it and it represents all female writers in a positive manner.
ABC is a sexist network. About 70% of the commercials have been completely demeaning and awful. At least NBC knows how to sponsor.

This program is crushing my soul. They're cutting off creative people and yet Hiedi Klum and Howie Mandell and the rest of those douchers get to talk endlessly w/o scripts about NOTHING?!

I love that all the creative people have been ad-libbing nice bitter statements regarding the Strike and Voting.
The strike was a time where creative people struggled and suffered for the arts, and they were forced to compromise for less than they deserve. The reality shows thrived?! FUCK THEM.

that's all for right now.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cold season

I think I have a cold. The little girl I babysit definitely does. Poor thing, she just went down for her nap and didn't eat hardly any of her lunch :( Or as she says it "yunch." 
I, too, didn't have a grand "yunch." I ate a little something but I have a head ache. 
Today I am happy it is starting to feel like autumn. Some reasons:
1. Got 3 skirts yesterday that are fall colors, all for 21 bucks. Hells yeah.
2. Though our Capitalist economy is failing, I found a lot of quarters in my room which I'm saving for a rainy day --> fall has plenty of rainy days.
3. Just clothing in general is much classier and fun in fall. Winter is the classiest, but fall holds a close 2nd.
4. Halloween is soon. I think 3 of my friends and I are going to be ABBA. Pretty freaking pumped about that one.
5. Football
6. My birthday. Though it is in late fall, it's RIGHT next to Thanksgiving this year. I keep it real. I celebrate the WHOLE week. Not by drinking or anything dumb all week...I just have a deep understanding that the week of my birthday is all about me (well it's also about my grandma because we share a b-day... shout out G-ma!).
7. Stockings and Jeans. Two of my favorite clothing items (notice the theme...I also love being naked... irony at its best!)
8. All Saints day. I have always thought this was a ridiculous Catholic holiday (though I respect the Holy Day of Obligation... granted I haven't OBSERVED it in a long time), but I think it is the bomb diggity that they combine ALL of the saints into one day. They make up for shenannigans due to Halloween festivities AND it's kinda like presidents' day, just one big party for the afterlife.
9. I'm ready to hibernate
10. I have TONS of stuff to do, thank goodness for Grad School applications...keepin' me busy!

So I'm pretty boring today, I don't feel like commenting on politics right now, nor the dumb ass speech that el douche Bush gave today (quick tid bit, it's your f-ing fault you mindless piece of shit). 

So I bid you adieu. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I call this dance the dentist

DOW down 500 points....awesome.
How are we not to get excitable or nervous about this economy. I don't care what the fundamentals of all this shit are...they're failing right in front of us.
I sure as hell don't want to be part of a depression...I mean we were supposed to learn from our mistakes right? Apparently GW skipped class the day they talked about FDR and he probably was doing lines when it was time for economics.

I'm too frustrated with everything to continue writing about politics today.
I'm gonna go read a bit and eat a snack...you know, talk to some food about the situation.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Quick Note

Quick Note thanks to the Associated Press--

"SNL's" 34th-season premiere logged a 7.4 rating and 18 percent share of audience — the largest viewership for a "SNL" season debut since 2001, and up 64 percent from last year's opener, according to Nielsen Media Research."

The 2001 debut was the first live episode after 9/11. It was the episode with Rudy Giulliani
and the NYFD/NYPD. It was monumental and showed that NYC was not going to be shaken completely as well as the rest of the US. The only thing we didn't predict was that Giulliani would be riding that gravy train as long as possible.
Well there's a new sap in town. Marketing off of crisis and turmoil.
I think that 9/11 is a sensitive subject, but I will not hesitate to call out those who use it to push their political careers forward...or keep them where they are.

Lets see, wall street plummeted today, and 80% of Galveston is completely destroyed.

Oh what a wonderful country. I'm thinking about buying a boat and peacing out of this joint.


Quite a weekend

What a weekend.
I was jammed packed with things to do. I mean I saw a movie, granted it was a rental, but from 2008.
"Baby Mama," starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is freaking wonderful. This movie reflects the hopes and dreams of any two best friends. Basically I mean that if you took your very best friend, wrote a crazy script and got to work with them for 3 months, this is probably what it would look like--give or take a plot line.

So Jeffrey, Sarah FF and I all crammed into my tiny room, on my tiny futon and enjoyed the movie.
We did stop at 10 PM for Sarah Palin PART DEUX. Charlie Gibson once again blew our brains all over our faces with his balls to the wall style interviews. She has really shown her politician side...and let us all know that she can see Russia from her house and most likely, also her sea plane.

After ranting and raving about the SP for a while...we finished the movie. Bonded, had a few laughs.

Saturday was a blast! Jeff and I went to Wilmington, the city of my birth (aka the reason everything is so awesome), and joined the Festivo Hispano! There were about 20 people there when we arrived with Jeff's class, so then there were 30.
It was fun! We walked around for about 5 mins, then just joked with his teacher and classmates. The music was good and there were Flaminco dancers and food. When we left, we decided to go to the Christiana mall.
Now I have been to the Christiana mall more times than I can count, but this visit topped them all. When we were exiting JCPenny's (Jeff's FAVORITE store), a cop stopped us at the mall entrance. I held my bag open thinking he was checking for stolen items, or randomly like in NYC, but NO! He asked to see our ID's, and when I customarily asked "why" he said "no one under 18 is permitted without a 21 year old escort." WHAT?!
Jeff pulled out his ID and before I could get to mine the cop said "Oh, you're okay. I don't need to see it now that you have an escort."
So basically due to this ridiculous rule, I was put down like a little girl (NOT OKAY) and then patronized further (ALSO NOT OKAY).
I called my Aunt Adi to find out what's up with this rule and she told me that it was due to children loitering.

This brings me to the next point... Where are the loitering children's parents? This mall is not easily accessible. Anyway, I think it's probably not completely kosher, but whatever...gotta pick your battles.

Saturday night, of course, involved SNL, but we all know how that went (if not check my previous blogs).

Sunday was also eventful.
Still reeling from my SNL fever, I woke up pleasantly and did some work.
That afternoon Jeff and I went to Toys R Us, were harrassed and yet really had a good time.
We also attended a birthday party. The little girl I babysit turns 2 today, and we were assisting her with bringing home the fun.
I got her a giant bowling set, it's pretty much my dreams being made into realities, again, but we were pretty stoked.
There were kids running around, cupcakes (LOTS of sugar) and conversation. It was quite a time.
I'm pretty sure Julia has a bit of a party hangover today. She crashed at 1230 for her nap...a good birthday...I think so.

So now I must retreat to a book or maybe some work for my internship...who knows!?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Tina Fey showed up last night and rocked the freaking house! She did the cold open for the season premier of SNL.

I danced around the room, cheered and laughed my ass off. Sen. Obama didn't show up, but SNL came out firing. I called it man. I'm going to take this one and say that I called it.
Michael Phelps proved me right by continuously showing he is unable to read.
Tina showed up and ROCKED THE SHIT out of that Sarah Palin impression.
Amy Poehler...just one word...AMAZING.

There was also a nice slam on the FYZ polygamists courtesy of Jason Sudakis and Kristen Wiig. Wiig waved her finger at the camera in a scarily accurate depiction of one of those crazy compound bitches.

Oh, what a great Saturday night!

The Chicago Tribune did us all the courtesy of a follow up in today's news.

Here you can see the skit, and read about the reaction...also there's a HILARIOUS poll for everyone to take...Would you rather see Gov. Palin on TV or Tina Fey playing Palin on tv.
When I took the poll it was 12% Palin, 87% Fey.... how about those approval ratings.

I've been watching SNL for a long time, probably from around age 9...I share the cliché story with many others. I would sneek away to the tv room and watch the late night show. I study SNL. I love SNL. We have an unhealthy relationship. I abuse the privilege of having SNL in my life.

It's just too good. I guess I know how crack heads feel about crack, because I am riding that red late night dragon today.

Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet...otherwise I couldn't get my constant fix.

Well, I hope everyone takes a gander at the Tribune's article as well as my hero Tina Fey, doing us all a favor and alleviating the pains caused during the past two Palin filled weeks.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Michael Phelps is Illiterate

I guess today is the day that I thank my roommates for having the VMA's on this past week. That's right. Thank.

It was listening to the VMA's over my book that brought Michael Phelps' inability to read and communicate to my attention.

He is set to host this week's season premier of SNL. If he can't read the cue cards, and doesn't do well in front of a TAPED audience, how's it going to go with live television?

Many athletes have hosted. Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Shaq, Derek Jeter, Nancy Kerrigan, among others.
They have done good and bad jobs, and really the expectations are lower. They usually get the spot due to some accomplishment and we watch them thrive or dive.

Peyton Manning's episode was my favorite...he's funny as shit.

I'm extremely excited about a rumor involving one Ms. Tina Fey. According to the NYtimes, there is talk that Tina could possibly portray Sarah Palin.
Here's the location of the article:


That hot mess wouldn't know what hit her. I love it.

I mean if SP thought Charlie Gibson was tough in his interviews, she has not see the iron fist of Tina Fey. Fey who just this march said "Bitch is the new black" is probably going to set some records straight and probably let Palin know that just because you're a woman, doesn't neccessarily mean you're "pro-woman." That might be too close to "choice talk" for her...so maybe she should jump on a Jesus horse and invade a country without permission.

Check out Charlie Gibson's interviews with her. Notice that she cannot answer a question with a straight answer. Don't be fooled America, she is just as much of a politician as the rest of them. She may put on the lipstick and fancy hair, but I bet she has balls of steel under that skirt suit. Not to mention, she's a crazy person. It's all in the eyes.

If you missed Charlie's bad ass session with SP, go to ABCnews.com or it's most likely on Youtube

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well hey there creeper.
I just can't stand it. Look at that dinosaur she's hiding behind.
Any suggestions on a good country to live in just in case this hot mess gets anywhere close to 1000 Pennsylvania Ave?

Please go to the polls and vote for Obama. I don't know if I can afford to live in another country...plus I really want to go to film school here.

We Need November ASAP

We need November to get here soon. I'm supersaturated with information about Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and of course Grandpa McCain.

It's becoming OB NOX IOUS.
I mean I love making fun of every last one of them. Especially good ole SP. But I recently sat down with myself and asked, "self? What are we going to do if this old bastard and his VP hot mess actually win this?"
I know it's a question that non of us want to truly consider (well non of us over here on the left) but there comes a time where you have to really line up your ducks and hope that no Alaskan crazy bitch hunters come along and shoot them down.

I have a lot to do right now, so that's all I'm going to say about it...I'll probably follow up later :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peanut Butter

I'm working on a small project for fun.
I'm making my roommates help me make a mock-umentory about Mildred Rutherford.
We are such dorks. I love it.

Mildred Rutherford is this woman from the late 19th century. She was one of the major contributors to the UDC and felt it her life long duty to make sure the South was portrayed in a truly romanticized way. She was a crazy bitch. I love it.

She was born after the civil war, but was ALL ABOUT IT.

She died in the early 20th century...but I think even though she stood for like 99% of things I don't believe in...I like that they never got the old broad down. She stuck to her cause...which is way more than a lot of people can say. I respect that.

I'm looking forward to this, and I'm going to work on writing the script.

It's just remarkable how dorky I am. I mean we learned about this woman in 2 of my Women's History courses. I just can't shake the classes.
I learned SO much, and these people were really affecting me the whole time, I just didn't know they were there! I guess they're just going to keep me going, and I'll look for the women of the past to give me inspiration and stories for the future.

Thanks Dr. Case...you've created monsters.

Well I'm gonna go check out the Bonny Hunt show and get some writing DID.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Naptime Central

Once again it is naptime.
I want to finish my book My Story: Ingrid Bergman, but if I finish it I have to find a new book that is up to par...a difficult task.

This brings me to my writing.
Finding books.

You know when you read a good book because you can't wait to get back to it, you put yourself in the plot, you sacrifice those 3 hours of VMA's to get smarter instead and you also know that it's not going to last long.

I love this book. Her story is incredibly moving, inspiring and entertaining. I've just gone through her whole life with her and now things are coming to an end.
It's the definition of bittersweet.

Other books that have taken me on this rollercoaster of emotion:

The Glass Castle
1000 Splendid Suns
The Kite Runner
The Bell Jar
Coming of Age in Mississippi
Memory Keeper's Daughter
The Secret Life of Bees
Of Mice and Men
Water for Elephants
Tis Herself
Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea

these are just some of the books that come to mind.
I've even been reading 2 other books whilst I read MS, but it has yet to slow me down.

I guess I'll just really have to look.
Any suggestions?

Now I'll go do the deed...finish my last chapter. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

MVA's....Marketing Vacant-minded Adolescents

I just sat in the corner of the room and felt myself getting dumber and dumber. My roommates congregated in the living room to view this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Aka-- the longest commercial of the year. Yes the super bowl and American Idol are probably very close in ranking...but currently I'm not heated about them.

This supersaturated media acceptance is enough to make your brain explode. Why do we feel that praising people for mediocre flashy marketing is what every American teen should enjoy?

I want to crawl in a hole to regain parts of my soul that have been lost.

I don't care about Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or any of these "stars." What are they doing?

I think we need to rethink everything. Not just the climate or abortion or gay rights...no no no. We need to strip everything down and see what the hell it is we stand for?

I don't even want to turn on my tv. I mean there are shows out there that are intellegent. I just feel like the rest of them muck everything up and destroy television as a whole.

Shows I'd suggest people watch:
(I'll start with my favorites and then go to things that others may like)

30 Rock
The Office
Meet The Press
ANYTHING ON Turner Classic Movies or PBS
The Weather Channel
Shark Week
The Daily Show
The Colbert Report
Chelsea Lately
The Soup (PS these two E! shows depend on the dumbasses on reality television...so it's kinda a catch 22.)
The New Adventures of Old Christine
Law and Order (Pick one)
Desperate Houswives
Ugly Betty

I don't think the 24 hour news stations are okay...it's too much
VH1 is now prostitution central
I just can't take it anymore.
I think I'll just watch movies and a select group of shows and turn this shit off...
I'll focus on Reading, writing and whatever the fuck else.

Also kids should play with blocks and be outside....video games are not babysitters.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Graduate or Notorious?

Today I am caught in quite a conundrum-- follow this, if you will.

Yesterday was the first day of school for most; not for me. It was my first, first day NOT having school.
It was definitely bittersweet. Mixed emotions of laziness, happiness, sadness, and an aimless future with infinite possibilities--let's just say I was slightly overwhelmed.
I would say my greatest lesson of the day, if you want to call it that, was that if a 2 year old doesn't take a nap, it's ROUGH.

My recent en devour of nannying has made me realize that I need a few things in my life
#1. As much as I love playing all day (which I honestly do), I don't understand how stay-at-homers can NOT talk to a peer or adult during their day. I feel like I go home from just 6 hours of non-grownup time and language comes out of my mouth like word vomit. Diarreah of the mouth.
#2. I CAN read more than one book for entertainment and intellectual stimulation. If I read everything in front of me, I can still absorb as much as possible before I continue on to grad school...Thank GOD!
#3. I see why and why not to have children. It makes my life more complicated just thinking about it. I mean I realize I have a whole hell of a lot of things I selfishly want to accomplish before making another person with whom I will spend a good two decades. But whoever invented the idea knew how to hook people: A) They made sex appealing. B) They make the end result cute enough to invest in at least until they can talk, and by then you're in over your head anyway so you mine as well stick with it.

I did learn a lot more yesterday I'm sure. These are some of my more prominent points.

Yesterday made me realize how much I want to go back to school. I'm not ready for this to be my life. I have to constantly be learning, and I am learning...and I do love my job.
It's probably the best place to be in though...I mean I love spending time with the little one, but I also realize that if I did this for more than this "in-between" time, I would possibly play turtle in traffic.

That sounds harsh.

Okay, I'd probably just be discontented. But I'm writing, I had to give you a real idea.

One MAJOR accomplishment from yesterday would be-- tada!
I taught her to say "hot mess" when she sees Sarah Palin. Proud. Proud. Proud.

Now I must go work on two papers. I want to write about my favorite movie for an application, but I cannot decide between Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious and Mike Nichol's The Graduate.

I'll just pick the better of the two papers, or maybe I'll find which one is TRULY my favorite?!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What the Palin?

So VP nominee Sarah Palin is dealing with quite a weekend. I doubt anyone could really compare their labor day with her.

She got the Nomination...woopideedoo. I mean I'm SO for women's rights it's almost a crime. The only thing is...Sarah Palin isn't for women's rights, she just has a vagina. That vagina has produced quite some conflict for good ole SP. Her eldest daughter, Bristol, is knocked up. That's right. Not only is she prego, BUT she's MARRYING THE DUDE WHO WAS THE POTENT HOOK UP!

I mean keep your baby, I don't care. I'm pro-choice, so make the choice, but marrying someone because you most likely got cold in Alaska, had a few too many boone's farm wine coolers and got yourself in a anti-choice situation? How does Sarah Palin feel about divorce? That would be the next question from this voter.

I like that women are making a scene in this election. I mean not only are women getting down and dirty, changing history, getting some power, but they're also bringing reproduction to the fore front.

I think someone needs to sit down with Palin and have her head examined. You're doing too much. I mean in the 1950's, the era in which Ms. Palin belongs (due to her beliefs), they'd give her a stiff drink, some sleeping pills and call it a day. They'd say, "Mrs., you need to chill out, you're destroying your children with your job...take these pills." We've come a long way, thanks Sarah.

I feel badly for Bristol. Bristol, if you wanna hang out, hit me up. Obviously she just wanted to keep warm or get some sweet Alaskan ass. She didn't want to have to be a poster for her mother and John McCain's(don't think I forgot grandpa) campaign. My guess is this girl has no f-ing clue what is going on. She probably had the sweet sex-ed that I was presented in Catholic school...take that back, subtract the Catholic, add non-denominational conservative sexual education.
She probably sees babies as little baby dolls and then giant scary pictures of Jesus...adds those together, plus sees a wedding as a kick ass graduation party, and is like, "yeah, it all makes sense."
Bristol, that's not what they mean by going all out senior year. Good luck.

Marrying someone because you get knocked up, wow, that's a real step forward for women.

I wish there were more women in these powerful positions who were women we can all look up too. I guess you have to just keep trying.

I think Nancy Pelosi does it right, and yeah I'm partial. This is my blog I can be a lefty if I want.
Hillary would have had experience...
I just feel like we're looking at these candidates on the surface and not getting down and dirty.

Don't vote for Obama because you think you're a racist if you don't.
Don't vote for yourself because "it's just not worth it"
Don't think that you're doing women as a whole a favor by voting for someone because they have female anatomy.

Find agendas in which you believe. Get behind them.

Always keep in mind how old John McCain is.
Keep in mind Sarah Palin already has a lot on her plate right now.
Keep in mind that Michelle Obama can kick anyone's ass.

Maybe that's the trick. A high power fight. FIST fight.

Michelle Obama takes on either Cindy McCain or Sarah Palin. No guns. No knives. Just fists.

That's how we should solve it. Or they could talk, but I really think it would be an HBO worthy fight. (Not cinamax, you pervs).